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TowardPi Medical was founded in 2017, with its core technology originating from Tsinghua's scientific and technological achievements transformation. Its core technical team is composed of dozens of graduates from Tsinghua University. TowardPi Medical has developed a series of high-end medical equipment and currently employs more than 300 individuals, including over 100 staff members in the R&D team. The company invests nearly 100 million yuan annually in research and development. TowardPi Medical has established R&D centers in Beijing and Shanghai, as well as manufacturing bases in Beijing, Suzhou, and Tianjin. TowardPi's product line covers ophthalmic OCT, surgical microscopes, ultra-wide-field fundus cameras, and optical biometers. Additionally, product lines such as ophthalmic femtosecond laser and phaco-vitrectomy are under development.

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At TowardPi, our mission is to advance technical engineering and drive new clinical discoveries in the medical field. We are commited to establishing ourselves as a full range supplier of high-end ophthalmic equipment.

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Vitreous Hernia in Anterior Chamber

A 47-year-old male was injured by the connection hook on a lanyard. The vitreous hernia could be observed on the retro-illumination image captured on the slit-lamp (fig 2. CD). The high-resolution panoramic anterior segment OCT image revealed lens subluxation with the vitreous herniating into the anterior chamber around the lens edge (fig 2. A). The herniated vitreous could be observed touching the corneal endothelium (fig 2. B).

A Self-generated Electricity-driven Drug Delivery System for Precision Management of Myopia

The new study recently published in "Nano Energy" (IF=17.6) presented a self-generated electricity-driven drug delivery system (EDDDS) (fig. 1) designed for precision myopia treatment which can intelligently release therapeutic drugs, such as atropine, at ocular tissues using drug-coated nanogenerators. This system combined nanotechnology and smart drug delivery mechanisms to achieve controlled and responsive drug administration. Meanwhile, the weak voltage can effectively relieve the ciliary muscle, offering additional benefits for myopia management.

TowardPi Medical Partners with OMNI SRL for Distribution in Argentina

TowardPi Medical is proud to announce a significant partnership with OMNI SRL, a distinguished leader in the Argentinian ophthalmic market with a remarkable 40-year history. This collaboration is set to introduce the TowardPi Full-range Swept-Source OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) to ophthalmic professionals and patients, enhancing diagnostic precision and patient care in Argentina.

New study Evaluates the Diurnal Variation in Choroidal Parameters Among Healthy Subjects and Identified Correlations between Choroidal Luminal Area and Stromal Area and Various Systemic Factors by Using Ultra-widefield Full-range SS-OCTA

Explore the diurnal variation of choroid among healthy people. The study recently published in "Translational Vision Science & Technology" evaluated the diurnal variation in choroidal parameters among healthy subjects and identified correlations between choroidal luminal area and stromal area and various systemic factors by using ultra-widefield full-range SS-OCTA. This study confirmed the existence of substantial diurnal variations in choroidal volume.

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