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BMizar 400KHz Full-Range SS-OCT
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BMizar 400KHz Full-Range SS-OCT

400KHz speed full range swept source OCT for anterior and posterior. The ultimate performance of OCT and OCTA to meet the dreams of ophthalmological specialists and surgeons.
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In addition to the advantage of Yalkaid,

BMizar (BM-400K) showcases the industry's most powerful OCT "engine" with a 400KHz swept source. Its exceptional optic design elevates the experience of OCT Angiography to an unprecedented level. With high-definition imaging of the retina, choroid, and anterior, it effortlessly covers an incredibly large area in a single scan (achieving a 24 mm width OCTA in just 15 seconds).

This revolutionary technology is a game changer for clinical practices, particularly in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases such as DR, RVO, RAO, and more. Furthermore, the BMizar offers a vast dioptric adaptive range, making it feasible to perform all types of OCT/OCTA scans on small animals like rabbits, cavies, and even mice without the need for additional lenses.

It is truly a dream machine for any OCT user.


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Specifications of TowardPi BMizar (BM-400K)

Structural OCT Light source Swept source
Wavelength  1060 nm
A-Scan speed 400,000/sec
Resolution Axial  3.8 microns (optical)
Resolution Lateral 10 microns (optical)
Posterior line scan length  3-24 mm adjustable
Anterior line scan length 3-18 mm adjustable
Posterior scanning depth 3 mm, 6 mm
Anterior scanning depth  6 mm
Eye tracking speed 128Hz
Dioptric range  -30D to +30D
Fundus Image Fundus wavelength SLO 840 nm
Field of view  120°
OCTA OCTA pattern (retina) 3x3 mm to 12x12 mm adjustable, 24x20 mm
OCTA pattern (anterior)  6x6 mm, 16x12 mm, adjustable
OCTA line positions 512-1280
Maximum A-scan numbers on B-scan 1536
Maximum OCTA scan pattern 24x20 mm (≈120°, single capture)
Typical OCTA acquisition time 1.8s (3-6 mm), 7.2s (12 mm), 15s (24 mm)
Network Upgrade Software upgrade Online or manual
Network review Support (DICOM or viewer)


Clinical Images

Clinical Images


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